How Does Thomas Plummer Help Your Business?

Prepare To Get Uncomfortable

If you’re looking for sugar-coated sweet talk, you’ve come to the wrong place.  Thomas Plummer’s reputation and worldwide following is built on 3 principles:

  • Get to the heart of the issue – fast – without sentimentality or drama;
  • Speak the brutal truth of the situation;
  • Chart a step-by-step process for improvement.

These 3 principles form the core of Thomas’ work and have helped clients, large and small,  successfully navigate significant disruption, change and competition.

As a trusted advisor to fitness professionals, Thomas Plummer is without peer.  A featured presenter at 20+ workshop events each year worldwide, 10 published books and widely followed Facebook and blog posts catalog a deep understanding of what works in the fitness business, what doesn’t work and what is coming next.

Thousands of fitness professionals turn to Thomas Plummer for advice and insights about fitness trends, creating outstanding member experiences and mastering business fundamentals in sales, marketing, staffing and programming.

Nearly every fitness industry leader and innovator, past and present, has met with Thomas Plummer.  Not one to be content with past successes, Thomas continues to attract and develop club operators through the United States, Australia, Brazil, China, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the United Kingdom.

Stay current with Thomas Plummer and start running a better, more profitable business today.



woman fitness club owner


I came to learn more about marketing and sales and have learned a lot.




woman fitness club owner
I came to learn more about marketing and sales and have learned a lot.
man fitness club owner


I'm looking to grow personally and professionally




man fitness club owner
I'm looking to grow personally and professionally
man fitness club owner


Everything is changing so quickly. Instead of being disrupted, I want to be a disrupter.




man fitness club owner
Everything is changing so quickly. Instead of being disrupted, I want to be a disrupter.

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Thom's Facebook Posts

1 day ago

Thomas Plummer

You will make mistakes
You will hurt people
You will dream, try and often fail.

And none of that matters if you learn and move forward in your life.

Who you were is not who you are, but we let ourselves live surrounded by ghosts.

We lose weight but no matter what the world sees now we still see ourselves as we were.

We choose badly in a job, a career or a marriage and then believe we will always make bad choices because we let the specter of a failure haunt our days now.

We make mind shuddering mistakes years in our past that we believe we will never survive, but now we are held hostage by the mistakes of a former self who no longer exists… someone long gone and replaced now by who we are today.

Everyone fails, hurts, hesitates, makes bad decisions and stumbles, but who you were has no hold on who you are today, and most importantly, who you can be tomorrow.

Bad decisions don’t make a bad life.
Bad decisions simply make life more interesting than we often want it to be at times.

Maybe the greatest skill in life isn’t to not make the mistakes, maybe this skill is to not let past mistakes ruin your current life.

We all fall down in life…but who we were is who we were, never who we can be today.
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Comment on Facebook

Chris VanAllen

'maybe this skill is not to let past mistakes ruin your current life' - powerful stuff for a Wednesday morning

You always come back so strong!!! Well this did it👍😊

Erika Nicole

Laurel Edge remember this!! You got this!!!!

Kayleigh Curran❤

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3 days ago

Thomas Plummer

You were born with all the inner strength you ever need…but you choose to let it fade away.

Your personal inner strength comes from living true to yourself, when you are following your own dreams, creating your own life and refusing to give up who you are, and what you believe, for the sake of others.

We are all born with inner strength, but we often die an empty shell because we willingly give away our greatest power, which is the strength to control our own lives.

We do work for the check, and not the passion; we live in places we don’t like afraid to take the risk and leave; we end up in relationships that drain our souls but stay for all the wrong reasons; we let parents, friends or spouses dictate our lives and slowly, over time, our inner strength fades away replaced by a sense of bitterness that we could have done more, could have had a more meaningful life and could have chased our dreams if only we would have had the strength.

Inner strength is nothing more than the personal realization our own life matters, and that we have the right, and the strength, to reach for a level of success and happiness only we can define for ourselves.

We are all born with the strength to change our own world.

We all have the power to create our own lives.

We all have that core strength to find out just how far we can go in life.

Your inner strength is your greatest gift.
The challenge in life is to use this strength to remain true to who you really are.
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Comment on Facebook

Chris VanAllen

"Accept the things I can control and not control."

Theresa Maria

RaeAnne Vonbats Fox 💗

Lucy Robinson

Pretty powerful words...😊

Powerful-thank u

Tanya Otis

Needed to see this today.

Thank you

Kelly Keel Range ❤️

Clare Thatcher❤️

Luis Rivera

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6 days ago

Thomas Plummer

The resolutions you should have made this year:

If I am wearing it around my belly or butt, I ate it, and the only way to lose it is to move it.

I will only express strong opinions based upon strong facts.

My kids and spouse are more important than my phone.

I don’t always have to be right, but I do have to be kind.

Looking forward gives me hope, looking back just wastes my life and I can’t change mistakes I made anyway.

I will never chase perfect and can live with wonderfully messed up and trying my hardest.

Being right all the time will leave me living in a small room over a garage with no friends, no family and a lousy job. Maybe accepting I don’t know everything is a better way to live…and a lot less lonely.

A pint and a laugh with friends are sometimes far more important than another perfect meal in a plastic bowl perfectly keto balanced.

I don’t have to know everything and do it my way, maybe asking the right questions to the right people and then listening to their help will get me further in life faster and without the drama.

Fitness isn’t about how I look naked, it is how I feel naked and I want to feel alive this year.

And does the world really need another selfie of me, in my bathroom, with my shirt up and asking, ”What’s everyone think, how is my diet working?” If you need that much attention, walk down the street naked with red workout shoes and just get it over with.

Or better yet, don’t make any resolutions and just enjoy who you are and who you will be, and work a little each day on becoming a better version of an already good human being.
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Comment on Facebook

You’re seriously like a fitness pastor 😍

I agree whole-heartedly!

Lol! My bad, bro 😘

Love it Thom!

Wow this is awesome! Love it!!

All good stuff!!

Love it

Luis Rivera

That hit home!!!!! That is a great way to start the new year 👍👍👍😊well said! Happy New Year Thomas Plummer and everyone else🎉🎉🎉🎉

Well said. I love that you can say what needs to be said and still add a little humor to it. Thank you.

Gonna share.

Good stuff. 😊

Right on And amen.

CJ O'Connor read the part about fitness. Good stuff. This trainers posts are so good. Kortney McGaughy

2019 is off to a great start.

Thank you!

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2 weeks ago

Thomas Plummer

When did we forget why we fell in love?

When did we lose that quiet faith in each other that defined our lives?

The fairy tales have it all wrong. There is no “happy ever after,” where once in love there is nothing but sunsets, dances and love songs. We create an expectation that being in love somehow solves all the problems we have in life living as imperfect humans trying to get through life every day.

Living in the real world, there are beautiful days of love that we hope last forever, and then just one more day. But in this world of a constant reality, there are also days of lost jobs, sick kids, demanding parents, financial issues, and a thousand other thrashings life can give any relationship that challenges whether you make, or break, as two united against the world.

It is naïve to believe life, and a relationship, can be perfect every day, especially when it sometimes seems there are days designed to destroy your very soul. Only those so young and innocent believe two people can live together as one for a lifetime and that you will never have a day where you both want to sit in separate rooms, drink a glass of wine and make a list of all the people you should have married.

Love isn’t always about finding perfect; love that lasts is being able to find your way back to each other when everything you believe, and trusts, goes bad, and to once again find the love that saved you and brought you together.
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Comment on Facebook

We have been married for 47 years. Two main reasons, among others, that kept our marriage strong: accepting one another for who we are and what we are and our resolve to embrace imperfections.

We will be married 50 years June 6. It’s been a giant roller coaster ride. So many ups and downs but we held on to each other in the good times and bad. Glad we took the ride despite the fact it was so scary at times. Thank you! Passing this on to Grandson who just lost his job with a family and no notice!

Well said. I feel the secret to lasting love is being able to communicate with each other and learning how to compromise so that each partner feels valued.

We get it!!!!

Barry Martin ❤️

So true ! We're starting 42 years ❤


So very true -for better or worse 40 years in July

Well said. 33 years for us next week. We have had our ups and down and have over come obstacles. But we did together as a team. And I never have had a list of ones I should have married. .

Shannon Pereira

Very beautiful. So true. Very challenging. Thanks for deep and inspiring thoughts.

Well said. ....has taken a long time to understand but it's so true ...


So true...

Our trials never end but our strengths pull us up


Brandy Michelle

Very true !!!!!!



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2 weeks ago

Thomas Plummer

A celebration of trainers and coaches

What you do for a living as a professional trainer is at best difficult, and on most days, soul draining.

Long hours, split shifts, grouchy clients, and the need to always be “on” can leave you laying on the couch sipping a beer and wondering if you would make a good insurance sales person or school teacher.

As you sit during the next few days attempting to recharge for the coming busiest time of the year, think about these things:

What you do matters. People who spend time with you are happier, healthier and often have a better self-esteem because you spent time with them a few days a week doing what you do best, which is helping each and every client find the best within themselves.

You change lives. If you dedicate your career to coaching, your purpose in life is simple; you exist to change lives. Changing lives is what you do, why you work and maybe why you were born.

You can make a decent living doing what you love these days. Even a short decade ago, it wasn’t possible to make much money being a fitness professional, but that has changed, and you can today make quite good money as a dedicated coach, either owning your own gym or working for another professional.

Remember, because you got up and went to work before the rest of the world even dares open their eyes, someone came into your gym hell bent on being miserable, but left on fire and ready for the rest of their day simply due to your energy, spirit and knowledge.

People perform better in their jobs because of you. People have better personal relationships because a coach changed a life. Older people stay at home and out of a nursing home because a trainer was there years earlier. There are kids who become successful in life and business because a personal coach sat them down after a workout and talked about what it meant to be an athlete and what self-confidence really means.

Most coaches don’t last long in this industry. The stress, time away from family, the need every second of every day be on fire to client after endless client, all combine to drain the best of intentions out of so many.

This year, spend more time quietly celebrating what you do and who you are. You have a real job, and despite what others might whisper in your ear, your work does matter, as much as any business guy or any teacher, and you were born to it and we all hope you choose to do it for the rest of your life.
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Comment on Facebook

A book for all the Coaches in your life. If you have enjoyed the posts on this site you might love my latest book, and the audible version has been on fire with everyone. I recorded it myself and there is about 7 hours of material included. Thank you so much for the support of this project and the continued support of all my books. Here is the direct link to Amazon for the audible version and I hope you enjoy it. Also available as an oversized paperback for those of you who need something on that empty coffee table or who like to write in the margins as they read along:

This is for my trainer Rich N Christina McDowellChristina. We moan, we complain a little, ok, maybe a lot 😉, but if we didn't respect you, we wouldnt keep coming back so you can work our butts off and make our muscles ache so we can complain even more 🤣 just know that we appreciate all of the torture and encouragement you put us through to help us reach our goals and become stronger, leaner and more confident in ourselves! 👏👏💙💙💪💪💪 You are a Badass trainer!!

DON'T THINK about being a school teacher !!! Your days would be just as bad, your evenings grading papers and writing lesson plans, your sleep time worrying about one of more students, and your morning drive telling yourself, "Hitting an administrator is counterproductive!"

Great to spend some time with you this year Thom 👍 hope to catch up in 2019

I love this. It really puts our daily duties in perspective. What a difference we make.

Beautifully said TP - happy new year friend!

Happy New Year Thomas! You are very much appreciated by all. You touch many lives, taking the time to put your thoughts in written word for all to see. May 2019 be an even an more special year for you than the last.💛🏌️‍♂️

Thank you for sharing. Hits the nail on the head.

Thank you for sharing those encouraging words 👍❤️❤️❤️

Thank you so much Thomas - happy new year 🍾

Amen! Thank you for this reminder!❤️

Thankyou Mark Toner for your vision, tenacity, Courage, professionalism, wit and sense of humour and most of all your passion for making the impossible possible for the rest of us. Thank you for all that I ve already accomplished in 18 and all that’s coming down the line in ‘19 yo da man

Well said Thomas Plummer👍

This says it all! What a difference you make. Happy new year. X

Nice Tom! Wishing you a wonderful 2019

Thank you for all you do Thom! Happy New Year!🎉

Thanks, It’s a great reminder why we do what we do.

Happy New Year !! Thank you for your inspiration 😊

Your a bright light in my day Andrew Shoen and my life would suck without your motivation. Thank you for putting up with me. Your the best♥️

Perfect again! It’s an honor to be a coach!

Well said. IronWorks is my happy place. Doing it for me 🏋🏼‍♀️

Happy New Year! I love what I do!

Thank you TP I really needed this today! Happy New Year!

Hey Thomas can’t tell you enough how your posts, seminar and books have given myself the confidence in what I’m doing in this fitness landscape. We will be opening 2 more locations in 2019 (4 locations) and the horizon looks amazing! Thank you!!!

Well said, and perfect timing. Happy New Year!

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