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Prepare To Get Uncomfortable

If you’re looking for sugar-coated sweet talk, you’ve come to the wrong place.  Thomas Plummer’s reputation and worldwide following is built on 3 principles:

  • Get to the heart of the issue – fast – without sentimentality or drama;
  • Speak the brutal truth of the situation;
  • Chart a step-by-step process for improvement.

These 3 principles form the core of Thomas’ work and have helped clients, large and small,  successfully navigate significant disruption, change and competition.

As a trusted advisor to fitness professionals, Thomas Plummer is without peer.  A featured presenter at 20+ workshop events each year worldwide, 10 published books and widely followed Facebook and blog posts catalog a deep understanding of what works in the fitness business, what doesn’t work and what is coming next.

Thousands of fitness professionals turn to Thomas Plummer for advice and insights about fitness trends, creating outstanding member experiences and mastering business fundamentals in sales, marketing, staffing and programming.

Nearly every fitness industry leader and innovator, past and present, has met with Thomas Plummer.  Not one to be content with past successes, Thomas continues to attract and develop club operators through the United States, Australia, Brazil, China, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the United Kingdom.

Stay current with Thomas Plummer and start running a better, more profitable business today.



woman fitness club owner


I came to learn more about marketing and sales and have learned a lot.




woman fitness club owner
I came to learn more about marketing and sales and have learned a lot.
man fitness club owner


I'm looking to grow personally and professionally




man fitness club owner
I'm looking to grow personally and professionally
man fitness club owner


Everything is changing so quickly. Instead of being disrupted, I want to be a disrupter.




man fitness club owner
Everything is changing so quickly. Instead of being disrupted, I want to be a disrupter.

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1 day ago

Thomas Plummer

At what point does being right in your own head become more important than your family, business or career?

What you are doing isn’t working in your life, but you refuse to accept help or acknowledge that this urge to prove to everyone you, and only you, have the answers, and that you are willing to lose everything rather than ever admit you are simply failing at everything important.

You struggle and ruin your relationship because being right and doing it your way, and expecting everyone else to live up to your standard of perfect, is more important than admitting you are not perfect and no one else in life is either. Better to lose it all imposing a standard even you can’t achieve yourself rather than admit you might need to listen to the one you love now before he or she runs away.

Your business struggles and fails, because you don’t have any idea how to fix it but you would rather ride it down doing it “your way” than admitting you are clueless, but your ego is so big you can’t accept or ask for any help from those who could have saved you.

Your career stagnates because you would rather argue with the ones you could learn from ahead of you on the same path, but you find it easier to blame the world because you are failing than to ever admit there are others more successful, smarter and perhaps more emotionally intelligent who would give you a hand up if you just accepted the fact that no one, including you, can know everything and that disagreeing with someone can be done with respect instead of anger.

Many would rather be right than successful.

Many would rather lose a family instead of admitting your expectation of perfection is a failure.

There are those who would rather be the world’s most successful internet troll rather than entering into an honest and respectful debate when you don’t agree.

The bars are full of self-righteous people angry at the world because they would rather live by a set of rules with no chance of success and do it their way than to admit that real personal success comes from your ability to admit you don’t know it all, but there are others who could help you if you just gave them a chance.
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Comment on Facebook

I once had a boss that asked me “you want to be rich or you want to be right?” That has helped me see that sometimes our egos get in the way of achieving an end goal.

Arrogance was my strongest ASSet as a young coach. I appreciate people like you who set me straight Mr. Plummer!

Someone one told me they rather not be right all the time but rather be happy. It was to late though at that point 😔

Spot on! Arrogance and big inflated egos are doomed for failure! Always worth reading your article!👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

2 days ago

Thomas Plummer

Aging is a magical process.

Slowly, over time, you quietly change into the person you never wanted to be, but so badly needed to become in life.

The world can beat the arrogance out of you and leave you wisdom.

Your limits physically are reached, peaked, but then you often find another version of yourself that completely redefines your definition of what being fit means. Maturity is letting go of who you used to be and accepting yourself as the best version of who you can be today.

Anger and the willingness to fight over the meaningless, the trivial and the senseless is often replaced with a quiet peace and the ability to just laugh and get on with your day.

Being right at the expense of everyone else being wrong can be replaced by the ability to simply listen, question and talk instead of raging in a fight that can never be won.

Aging can leave us humble, yet strong, and wise yet peaceful.

It doesn’t matter what age you are today, because tomorrow you will be older.

You either get better and accept the process of another day older, or you refuse to change and become just another old, or maybe still young, bitter person angry at a world that really doesn’t care about you being right or wrong and a world that definitely can live without a daily dose of you endlessly trying to prove your way is the only way.

Aging can be magical and tomorrow you can yet be the best version of you that has ever existed, or you can fight against the process and simply refuse to accept that often who we are when we are younger needs to mellow through wisdom, experience and a growing sense of patience.

You have no choice but to get another day older tomorrow.
Embrace the process and become the best you can be in life, or refuse to grow and let the world have its way with you… your choice every single day.
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Comment on Facebook

Hi everyone, if you enjoy this post you might enjoy my new book as well. Just out and features much of my writing through the years as well as plenty new written just for this book. Thank you as always for the support and I hope you enjoy the read, or listen.

I’m so enjoying reading your book

Bah and bloody humbug, this will never happen to me. Opps it has 😜😜x

You truly have an amazing gift to express such wisdom and truth in the most relatable way!

It hits home when I so need it! Thank you.

Love this! Every day above ground is a good day! And everyday I'm here I look at it as a chance to learn : )

let us admit, as is now in process, definittely we are aging and our ultimate overall version will come into reality. We thank God for what and who we are TODAY until we get THERE..

Wow!!!! I am speechless. This was and is my life now! I have never felt better then now.

This is spot on. Thank you. 🙂

I liked it but got off wandeing....

Another powerful message Thomas. Thank you!

I sure can live without the daily dose of my crazy nut neighbors!

You will never be younger than you are today!

Beautiful words put lovely And so true

LOVE this! Thanks for sharing.

thank u

I enjoy growing older. I knew a lot of people that didn't get to do that

Very true 🙏

This is me now!

You youngsters would not fully understand this wisdom yet!!! Fionnuala McKerr. Biddy Ags Laura O'Dowd Jenna Turkington

Love it!!

Another great one sharing!

Love this


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1 week ago

Thomas Plummer

There will come a time in your life, where for one brief second, you get a glimpse of who you can be in life and all you can accomplish.

Those years of sweat, study, the long and consistent universal whoopings of your ego, and the acquisition of a quiet maturity all come together where the best you can be is right there, that day, and it smells a lot like you have made it.

And then you have to choose.

You can move forward and embrace the best of who you can be in life leaving the struggle behind, or you blink, hesitate, question your own worthiness for the goal and finally you hesitate and the moment is lost, maybe forever.

We chase some definition of success mindlessly through the years, but we have trained ourselves for so long to endure the struggle that we don’t always know when we have arrived at our destination.

And many of us purposely keep moving the goal line because we can’t accept the fact that we finally got what we have dreamt about for so many years, so we deny our success and balk in its face, wasting everything we paid to finally get to that point.

Failures, and everyone who has done anything in life will stumble, shapes who we become in life. We have been taught our entire lives to embrace this failure as something good because these failures ultimately define our lives and eventually our success.

But few of you have ever been taught to accept your own success.
We don’t believe we have achieved, we hesitate, believing that maybe we really don’t deserve what we have worked for, and then we blink and self-destruct and the moment is over.

Celebrate your successes, even the small wins that only you think about each day.

Enjoy the day you feel you have arrived, that while there is never a final line if you are a driven human being, on that day you did some good work and can smile at yourself for who you have become and all you have done.

Go ahead, have a little pride, you now have formal permission to accept the fact that all those years of struggle actually meant something and you have earned a few moments of it being all about you.

And remember, on that one day it was simply perfect and you were smart enough to step back and enjoy what so many others chase but never find.
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Comment on Facebook

Face the worst, don't blink!

a insatisfação humana é nata e sempre questionável, estamos aqui para um aprendizado rápido de algo que não nos é permitido saber o que, para um amadurecimento que quando chega já não temos vigor, realmente muito mistério involve nossa existência, essa necessidade de crescer, dominar, e por vezes destruir que o ser humano carrega em se é bem mais questionável.... pelo simples fato de não se conhecer, não saber sua verdadeira origem.... sabemos que estamos aqui de passagem, mas não sabemos pra onde vamos....

I have been trying for a few years and I think I got now👍🤗😊

In our face !!! Yes brother💅🏻🤹🏼‍♂️☀️🤜🏻🤛🏻🤩🦔

Lindo emocionante verdadeiro ! Compartilhei 🤣

Boa noite

LINDO!Boa noite💞

Lindo texto ! Bom dia !


Bom dia amigo

Bom dia.Adorei o texto😘

Maravilhosos textos...

Bom dia


Bom dia, Deus te abençoe bjs

Reflexão e decisão.


Wow. Powerful

Lorraine Head..... Uncanny... Just read this!!



muito bom


Sharing in the Re-Discover ME Community.

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1 week ago

Thomas Plummer

Hope for the best in life… but plan for the absolute dog poopiest day you could ever imagine.

We all make plans like we are going to live forever, in perfect health and that there will never be single pothole in the road of life. We sit with the spouse, weave the story of our life, and then set the plan in motion feeling we so have it together over those other people.

Then the crazy happens. The kid gets sick, the parents age and need money, the other kid decides dropping out of school two weeks prior to graduation to run away with a stripper makes perfect sense and that career you built year-by-year ends because your back says, “no more picking up heavy stuff ever again dude!”

Life happens, but we are never prepared because we planned for the best days of our life and neglected the ugliest possibilities, which always rear their nasty little heads just when you think it is all perfect. Here are just a few tips to help plan for the best, but expect the worst life can throw in your face when you least expect it:

Plan your career in 10-year increments: Assume you won’t be able to go forward in the work you do and save accordingly. Assume the back will go, a kid will get sick, or spouse gets fired and save more aggressively with an out in 10 mind set that keeps you save.

Live small, experience big: Your daddy was wrong, you don’t need a big honking house you can’t pay for and never leave. Buy smaller, have more experiences in life, finance the smaller house over just 15 years and pay your mortgage plus 20% more each month to pay it off even faster. You need a place to live, but the day you die your biggest regrets will be you went nowhere, did nothing, never left your house and when you were 80 you paid that big mama off, just about a week before you died.

Life is about lifestyle and freedom: Spend more time on how you want to live, find a way to pay for that lifestyle and save a little money more aggressively, then review that choice every 5 years or so. Lifestyle is everything. You can have a profitable career, making a lot of money, but if you live where you hate it, can’t stand the job or spouse either, and are trapped, you just found a not so creative way to waste your life.

Define retirement differently: The best day in your life will be the day you get up and go to work because you want to, not because you have to any longer. Money is freedom to live life under your own terms, without being held hostage by a job you hate or working in a city that doesn’t stimulate you. Most of you should never retire and would be bored if you did. But there should be a point where the work you choose is all about your love for what you do and not because you are trapped into doing it.

Life can go bad. Save more earlier, plan an exit from your own career on your terms, create a life of experiences never being trapped by stuff and think about your life in shorter, more intense chunks that force you into being smarter, but better prepared when the dog poop of life hits the fan just in front of you.
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Comment on Facebook

That’s good advice Thomas, thanks for sharing 😊

Amen to this! The only way to live true to yourself!

So true....

Amen to that!!!

Great post 👌

Jude MacDougall

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2 weeks ago

Thomas Plummer

Please…please, turn off the noise and let my soul rest.

We live constantly in a state of edginess because we never get a chance to turn off the endless clamor that surrounds us every day of our life.

Loud talkers in the restaurant, ringing phones, buzzing alerts from text messages, televisions blaring to no one even listening in a bar, crowds babbling, crying and whining at airports; the sounds of traffic that never cease, the music in the background at every business you ever enter, questions that never cease, spouses trying to catch up, the rattle of computer keys, the cell phone idiot standing two fee from you trying to sound important, the early morning wakeup call from your trash guy picking up the neighborhood and the helicopter on the way to the hospital overhead are just a very few of the wall of sounds that conspire to smash us into oblivion every day.

We forget how to be quiet.
We forget the need for quiet time to heal our souls.
We have forgotten how to be a peace.

You can never truly rest being pounded by the endless sounds of life.
You cannot recover, think or grow your mind and soul if they are in a constant battle with a thousand things fighting for our attention.

Learn to shutoff, tune out and deny the world a chance to destroy you.
Make time to sit and just think, read quietly or stare at a beach, pond or mountain without any stimulation other than your own mind.

You need time to heal and there is no healing without a peaceful mind.

The most important thing you do this week might be to do nothing quietly and just be.
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Comment on Facebook

Hi everyone, if you enjoy this post you might enjoy my new book as well. Hundreds of the most popular posts and other writings about life, the coaching life and finding the best of who you can be. Thank you as always for the support and I hope you enjoy the read or listen.

I spend a lot of time at home just quietly sitting and looking at my view, watching the boats, or just gazing off into the distance 😊🤗😌

This is why I go kayaking. It is quiet and peaceful, all you hear is the sound of nature, birds, wind, the drops of water from my paddle, a fish jumping, the sound of wings when an egret fly's away from me getting too close, the trickle of a small water fall coming down the rocks.. Nothing is more soothing, it is repair for the soul!

Bem , difícil o que mais gosto de fazer é sair para um lugar calmo,Mas Quando houve a, greve dos caminhoneiros que parou o trânsito ,. Aqui na minha casa , pensei que iria ficar louca..E não dou de . Frescura .o costume agora mesmo já começou o trânsito 😗 Bom Dia ❤️ Querida 💚😊

It is in silence that we get to clear our mind , body snd soul!


Silence is of the essence when you want peace of mind.

Omg Thomas I SO needed to read this today. Its just how I'm feeling lately.. Everything/one is all talk, noise and rushing and no one has time to stop and just listen. I want to just get off this speeding train and be somewhere slower and more leisurely and peaceful but this is the world now and its so difficult not to get caught up in it all!

Day trip to the the beach👍 Meditation 💖

I was just talking about this with my Son yesterday! Did you hear us? This is good but you have to make time to do it.🤔

Our world is chaotic.. Actually spiraling out of control.. My peace is hiking up a mountain and then just listening to nothing… That truly heals the soul ...

This reminds me of a discussion a teacher I had in the tenth grade started. He said how silence, or the absence of sound, doesn't actually exist. For example z you could go to the forest, a place many people would consider quiet, and there would still be noise such as you stepping on a leaf or a bird or something. He ended it by saying silence is more of an idea rather than an actual absence of sound.

It is the unexpected benefit to my disability. Like my mother taught me, when God closes a door, he opens a window. Thank you for reminding me of that today.

Eu não troco minha paz por nada nesse mundo. Custei muito para achala Não a perco mais.

Sitting in total silence at this moment with a cuppa in my hand☕

I love quiet time. Also, thanks for saying something about garbage reminded me it is garbage day 😂

Com certeza. Está difícil essa tranquilidade mais temos que procurar.

Bah como procuro o sossego. Mas a ansiedade tomou conta de minha alma.😭😭😭

Apenas ser o que somos, Sem se preocupar. Daquilo que o outro pensa de você , Querendo apenas sua imagem, Para produzir, O Não real. Boa Noite,

And it’s when we here from God

So true. Sitting on the beach and listening to the the waves....staring into a fireplace, two of my favorites.

Yes. So time too hear the Voice of God. Peace be still.

You couldn't be more right on!!!

Everyday I choose to have a time of solitude. It's an amazing thing!

Verdade nada como comunicar com o silêncio

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