How Does Thomas Plummer Help Your Business?

Prepare To Get Uncomfortable

If you’re looking for sugar-coated sweet talk, you’ve come to the wrong place.  Thomas Plummer’s reputation and worldwide following is built on 3 principles:

  • Get to the heart of the issue – fast – without sentimentality or drama;
  • Speak the brutal truth of the situation;
  • Chart a step-by-step process for improvement.

These 3 principles form the core of Thomas’ work and have helped clients, large and small,  successfully navigate significant disruption, change and competition.

As a trusted advisor to fitness professionals, Thomas Plummer is without peer.  A featured presenter at 20+ workshop events each year worldwide, 10 published books and widely followed Facebook and blog posts catalog a deep understanding of what works in the fitness business, what doesn’t work and what is coming next.

Thousands of fitness professionals turn to Thomas Plummer for advice and insights about fitness trends, creating outstanding member experiences and mastering business fundamentals in sales, marketing, staffing and programming.

Nearly every fitness industry leader and innovator, past and present, has met with Thomas Plummer.  Not one to be content with past successes, Thomas continues to attract and develop club operators through the United States, Australia, Brazil, China, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the United Kingdom.

Stay current with Thomas Plummer and start running a better, more profitable business today.



woman fitness club owner


I came to learn more about marketing and sales and have learned a lot.




woman fitness club owner
I came to learn more about marketing and sales and have learned a lot.
man fitness club owner


I'm looking to grow personally and professionally




man fitness club owner
I'm looking to grow personally and professionally
man fitness club owner


Everything is changing so quickly. Instead of being disrupted, I want to be a disrupter.




man fitness club owner
Everything is changing so quickly. Instead of being disrupted, I want to be a disrupter.

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Stay Current With Thomas Plummer

Thom's Facebook Posts

5 hours ago

Thomas Plummer

Yes, the world really is getting that much harder.

We get older, we want simple, but the world is wired the opposite and always flows toward the complex, the more difficult, and the challenging.

The real skill in life is to learn to live simply in a mad, sometimes angry, and very complex world.
Breathe, think and maybe embrace a few of these ideas each day:

Sit quietly, listen quietly and read stuff that makes you feel good or helps you grow.
Even a few minutes a day reading peacefully can change a stressed-out attitude into a much better day.

Turn off the news and refuse to play.
Nonstop pain is not good for the soul, but that is what sells for news these days.
Educate and stay in touch, but not at the expense of feeling the stress from overexposure.

Stop trying to change the minds of unmovable rock people.
There are solid granite rocks, formerly known as friends and relatives, that will stay rocks no matter how many facts die splattered on their rock-hard heads.
Save your breathe. Save you anger. Just stop trying to change the mind of a rock.
And if you are rock…well, you might need to think about that too.

Unplug, unwind and wander quiet woods.
Every day in your life, no matter what time of year, is better when you take a walk, unplugged in every sense, and just quietly think about the good things in life.

Chase the experiences of life, not the nonsense of life.
You don’t need more stuff, you need more life.
Buy less, spend less and live more.

Take care of yourself first and then you can carry the rest of the world.
The hard and difficult in life hate the people who have found simple.
They spend their days trying to drain your life like flesh eating algae.
You first, you strong and you living the quiet and simple life.
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Deal with what is in your control. I have control of my attitude and effort.

Well said

1 day ago

Thomas Plummer

We tend to simplify to the point where the issue becomes lost.

There are always two sides to every dispute.
There is seldom a one-sized, one-sentence explanation that can explain a complex issue.

We so badly want any issue to fit our preconceived ideas that we force the facts into our little realm of our way, our view, or predetermined mindset on how it has to be, or you are wrong, and how dare you argue with me?

The world and the issues we are living with today don’t fit any simple model.
You can’t take complicated debates, with two complex sides, and turn it into a simple one-liner explained by a stupidly simple, “all people are like that in all situations.”

Sometimes one side is wrong. Sometimes one side is right. Often both are wrong and right.
Lumping all of humanity to fit your prejudice doesn’t help anyone grow, learn or communicate.

If you have an opinion, you have an opinion.
The other person has one two.
Listen to both sides completely and then make up your mind.

How can you condemn any person without hearing both sides of the conflict?
How can you pass judgment on someone based on second hand stories from another person who has already colored the story to fit their own personal issues?

What you believe to be true, forced to fit your personal issue, is often what is not true if you openly let yourself listen and the evaluate.

Make up your own mind only after you hear all the facts presented from all the sides.
Do not make up your mind based upon one side of a multi-sided debate.

We are all better than that, at least we used to be.
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God is not the author of confusion!

Thank you


Well said

Technical doesnt make you good.
You cant change minds if no one listens to your message.
The best speakers are made, not born, and you too can learn.
Speaker school 
Providence, October 25-27.
Contact Lauren at Perform Better for more information:


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One of the best learning experiences. Period

Some things were just made to go together, such as a kick back day on the weekend with a new book and a glass of something nice. If you have enjoyed my posts through the years, you might love my new book. Kick back and read, or listen, enjoy a glass of something good, and let the quiet hour begin.                                                                     


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Thomas I love your posts, your wisdom and insight says it all.

Enjoy your glass of red 🍷

Love your posts!!!!!!

Lovely quotes I must get your book

Love your book! Highly inspirational and “real” 💓

Awesome book!!!!!

Nice picture! Is the sage buring in the back ground? Lol


Your book has been on holiday to Marseille this week, we both loved it😎

Great Book 👍

Great book! Do yourself a favor this weekend and just get the book, You’ll be glad you did!

Congratulations 🍾

Will try this Pat ❤️

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3 days ago

Thomas Plummer

Love letter to the dog

You have outlasted three girlfriends and four moves across 3 states.

You have never said no to a workout, road trip or slow walk around the park.

Dog, you have only been arrested once, resulting in a small fine to get you back.
This was far cheaper than getting my friends out of jail through the years.

You sit outside the shower and sing along, just the two of us, badly crooning old rock songs from back in the day. If only the retriever next store could play the guitar?

You hate cats, I hate cats, best friends forever.

You have only eaten one couch, and you were right, the new one is better for naps and football.

You have only bitten one person, my brother, and you and I both knew he was there to borrow money. Yet again, you showed good taste and had my back.

Other people whip out pictures of their kids on their phones….hey, want to see my dog and me at the beach? And at the park? And when we had ice cream?

Once a year we drink a bowl of beer together on your birthday. You smile, stretch, steal a slice of pizza and have never once had us thrown out of a bar, which is more than I can say for our social circle.

You sleep at the foot of the bed. Awkward during sex, which probably explains the three girlfriends in four states move.

Riding shotgun is your seat forever my friend, despite the nose prints and slobber on the seats and windows.

Dog, you are everything a friend should be in life, and maybe just a little more.

A love letter to dogs everywhere.
May we someday become the person you believe us to be.
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Comment on Facebook

Stephen Whitehead...this is us! 🤣

Katie already volunteered me for all of Mom’s kitchen duty over the Christmas holiday, she wants “dog time...” 🤣🤣🤣👍🏻✌️❤️

Adore that! My dog is my world -and best friend iv ever had 100%- Have never loved anybody or anythng as much as I love Charlie x

If you like this type of post, then try my new book. Full of plenty of writing about life and the world of fitness. Might just be the book for you? Or a great holiday present? Or for that special coach in your life?. You get the hint, please by the book and thank you.

Ciaran Dunlevy thought of you & Prince when I read this 🐾🐾

Suzanne Gibbons you will enjoy this.

Thanks for sharing!! Dogs are definitely special and more than just a pet!!

That is beautiful and so very true.


I miss my dog more than I ever knew I could.💔


💕mine is 15. Our days left together are precious ❤️

Love it !!!!


Love this. John Davis

Oh my! I love this!


Man's best friend 🐶🐕

I must get a dog

Great ode to dogs

Dogs 👍🏻❤️

Belle ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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