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If you’re looking for sugar-coated sweet talk, you’ve come to the wrong place.  Thomas Plummer’s reputation and worldwide following is built on 3 principles:

  • Get to the heart of the issue – fast – without sentimentality or drama;
  • Speak the brutal truth of the situation;
  • Chart a step-by-step process for improvement.

These 3 principles form the core of Thomas’ work and have helped clients, large and small,  successfully navigate significant disruption, change and competition.

As a trusted advisor to fitness professionals, Thomas Plummer is without peer.  A featured presenter at 20+ workshop events each year worldwide, 10 published books and widely followed Facebook and blog posts catalog a deep understanding of what works in the fitness business, what doesn’t work and what is coming next.

Thousands of fitness professionals turn to Thomas Plummer for advice and insights about fitness trends, creating outstanding member experiences and mastering business fundamentals in sales, marketing, staffing and programming.

Nearly every fitness industry leader and innovator, past and present, has met with Thomas Plummer.  Not one to be content with past successes, Thomas continues to attract and develop club operators through the United States, Australia, Brazil, China, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the United Kingdom.

Stay current with Thomas Plummer and start running a better, more profitable business today.



woman fitness club owner


I came to learn more about marketing and sales and have learned a lot.




woman fitness club owner
I came to learn more about marketing and sales and have learned a lot.
man fitness club owner


I'm looking to grow personally and professionally




man fitness club owner
I'm looking to grow personally and professionally
man fitness club owner


Everything is changing so quickly. Instead of being disrupted, I want to be a disrupter.




man fitness club owner
Everything is changing so quickly. Instead of being disrupted, I want to be a disrupter.

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Thom's Facebook Posts

2 days ago

Thomas Plummer

We talk about the big events of life, but it is the small moments that define us forever.
Too bad you weren't there.

You spent an hour in the park with your kid, but really just played with your phone.
The kid played and you sat face down scrolling away an hour you will never get back.

You went to dinner with your significant, the true love of your life, at least while it lasts.
Then you wasted the evening talking about business issues and sneaking secret peaks at the phone in your hand under the table.
You were there for two hours and never there for a second.

You head to the gym, phone in hand, and it takes you an hour to get in a thirty-minute workout and you stand in everyone’s way scrolling, and scrolling, then talking loudly so we all know you are important.

Your life style is so demanding that you haven't spent time with or called your friends in weeks.
You wonder where everyone went, but who wants to spend time with someone who mumbles answers while trying to answer just one more text.

You're busy being busy, and are damn good at it, but you are losing every moment of life that is special. You pretend to be everywhere, but you checked out on your friends and family years ago.

Living in the moment is the ability to focus your energy, and love, onto the person you are with at the time. Obviously, we all know you love that phone more than any single person in your life.

Is there really anyone on the other end of the phone that can't wait for an hour while you are with your kid?

Are you really that important in your own head that you burn down the relationship with the love of your life by ignoring even one hour that could have been yours together?

We are remembered and defined by the thousand small moments in life.
You really should have been there, but you weren’t.

And now they are gone.
Everyone understanding that anyone sending a test is more important than your family, friends, or an hour alone so you can heal a damaged soul.

And when you are finally alone and so sad that the ones you love have moved on, I hope you and your little phone will be so happy together.
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Comment on Facebook

I agree it’s the small moments that matter. Just as much as the big ones. I really hope this doesn’t come across poorly but I think phones really aren’t the issue. It’s the person holding the phone. It’s the compulsion or obsession or addiction to check social media. (Or whatever else is on the phone) To check who commented what and how will they react? And what should I do now? Do I delete my post? Or always “keeping up with the Joneses” and where are they going on vacation, what did they post they had for dinner? Where did Suzy check in last? I mean social media can be really helpful for keeping in touch but it can be harmful too. Research shows increasing rates of anxiety, depression, and loneliness. Especially among young people. If we are more connected, how can this be? Because we are human. Not living and loving others authentically as Jesus intended. We have to remember that these problems existed long before cell phones were even invented.

The only time I scroll through my phone is to search for Thomas Plummer posts - the truth in your messages hits home every time.

I used to think along these lines as well. Observing and judging from my perspective until I heard from other's perspective. Here's one example A Mother Homeschooling and having a home-based business. At home, ALL of her attention is on the kids- feeding, cleaning, teaching..... At the park, the kids are having a great time. She's catching up on enquiries or questions. Just a reminder that we shouldn't judge, just on what we see.

I just love your posts so much truth in them.

Great perspective Thom 🙏

Sad, but we all see it every day. We all need this reminder....

Love love love this ❤

so easy to get distracted...something I say to myself present...espeically in the lives of those who are in your company. Turn off the tv, book the book down, most importantly put the phone down. Wish it was never invented!

Absolutely brilliant

Deep as the ocean but so true 👌

Great post

So very true 🙁 I don't own a cell phone. I always wonder if I should get one? I can't ever find a payphone!! Maybe one day, or maybe not.

Matt Machado

That's deep.....and true.😓

I'm going to share the shit out of this Facebook is the ruination of people.

So so true the internet and phones have taken over people’s lives no one communicates any more I go on the bus quite a bit and most people are on their phones

Michael Chajter

Technology will eventually kill everything we are as the human race relationships family time and life people get distracted way too easy even thier own lives by what a hand held device the very thing that certain people grew up without sad times


So true

this happens to much, first thing the (the parents ) will know is that the kids will be walking out of their lives and they will want to know what happened. Open your eyes and be in their lives ow,,

All so true

Natasha Mawhinney good to read xx

Sal Malone read this 🤣😍

Vanessa - this shouldve been on the list too 🙂

3 days ago

Thomas Plummer

So here is what I think....

I won't let you make me feel guilty, because of your inability to find happiness in your own life. Change is scary but regretting not even trying will ruin your soul.

People who don't read and grow scare the hell out of me.

Many people start down the right path in life,
but few have the heart and pain-in-the-ass persistence to finish anything.

Normal people bore me.
Weird people make life worth living.

I want to be the dumbest person in the room,
never believe I am the brightest, so I am forced to think new things.

You were born with the hardwiring in place.
The best parents can do is guide you for a while,
then let you realize your predetermined destiny.

Mean and petty people have a special room,
in the darkest corner of hell, with their name on the door.

I love people willing to chase their passion no matter what anyone else tells them.

Never let anyone who hasn't done a damn thing tell you not to try.

At least once a week, sit with the one you love (at least for today) hold hands,
drink a good glass, and stare at the water talking about your dreams.

A few hours disconnected from the world
may be the best thing you have done for yourself that week.

Yes, this might qualify as a rant.
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Comment on Facebook

And you've done it once again, speaking straight to my soul! Thank You TP 💜

Love this rant and one I needed to read today. Thanks TP

Getting up to chase my passion right now! Thanks Thomas Plummer! Good rant! 😉🥰

I'm loving it

Awesome rant!


Amen true

It may be but worth reading and taking note !

Love it!

I love your rants 😉

Good read

Worthy rant! 🗣


Love it Thom

Love it


Amen!! Rant anytime!

Definitely a worthy rant ...

Love your posts ❣️ Didn’t sound like a rant to me.. sounded like something I tell myself most days 🥴🤭🤣

Good piece💕

True words

Very good, Jamie Johanson Russell


Rob Longwill

2 weeks ago

Thomas Plummer

When did this world of love die?
When did who we are as people become who we hate?
How did we let anger against everyone replace love for all?
Where has understanding gone to hide from me?

Loneliness and isolation have replaced comfort and caring.
Religion has become the sword of choice wielded by those who hate.
Color of skin is now more important than what’s in the heart.
Your choice of who you love became a line of hostility not to be crossed.

When did it happen and why did we not fight back?
Why have we willingly let the darkness in others suffocate us?
How does a world so damaged by hatred ever find the light again?
Is there hope for a lost generation who has turned away from love?

I refuse to surrender to the blind hate of the ignorant.
I will not give away my life to those who live by destroying others.
I will fight back with the thing the haters hate most in the rest of us.
I will continue every day to love and respect every soul in my life…
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Comment on Facebook

Put God back in life.

I feel so blessed that the people in my life are every color of the rainbow. That they are from every background. The love that I have have for them bridges so many obstacles. If you don't feel or have diversity in your life I feel sorry for you. How will you ever be able to grow

Nicely said. "I will continue to love and respect every soul in my life" means the haters, too. This is where walking the talk is put to the test.

Amen. this is a great message for everyone. hate destroys progress...

I agree!

This was worth waiting for! Your thoughts are amazing and so true about life👍to you 😊

Beautifully written sir...Thank You

Amen brother!

I was only thinking this last night when I couldn't sleep. People seem to be so cold these days, and out for themselves.ive really noticed it..not all obviously, but generally love towards another seems to have gone cold yet love for the self seems the's a horrible feeling being around it all the time 😟

Thank you ,I feel the same way.💖

Very well said.

Well written. Cheers

As will I, Thomas! Great post!

I love Jesus and don't hate. Then again, he isn't religion but a relationship. ❤

Thank you 🙏 for sharing!!🙏😇🙏👍

I agree ....but as you quote love ...our president gutted the endangered species act today we move our way through the 6th great mass extinction event...its apparent there is not a love for the environment with which we live. Not so sure gaia will be as kind to our species as we don't love, honor or value the lifeblood of mother earth that gives rise life all species... That which befalls them...can we be far behind?

Love this xx

oh gosh this is so true thanks

So true so true sad times

Love this❤



We have to chose love over hate now. Being entitled is over , even for love.


You are Awesome 👏

3 weeks ago

Thomas Plummer

The only mentor you will need in life is you.

Seekers, the ones chasing the big dreams in business or careers and the highest levels of life, eventually outgrow their need for a mentor.

Mentors are the perfect fit on the way up, when you need that guide to set you on the right path, but as you grow mentally your dependency on mentors should lessen. At some point, you need to become that self-contained fully functional human being we all knew you could be.

Business groups work if you are looking for education and not someone to run a business you can't. Many people join mentorships looking fo the magic instead of seeking ideas that have to be implemented with hard work. This is why there are so many who jump from mentorship to mentorship always refusing to do the work as needed then moving on.

Mentors should be replaced with guides as you get further down the path, those people who care about who you are and where you are going and don’t have a personal agenda. These people are there when you need the talk, but let you do your own thing as needed along the way.

The answers you need to be the best of who you can be are always there in you already. Guides bring those out, and even mentors in your early days can tap that potential, but as you grow the need for outrageously expensive mentorships should lessen as you find the best within yourself.

You will find it lonely at the top. There is safety in numbers for the novice praying for a mentor to give him direction, especially when you are surrounded by other seekers, but keep in mind few escape that herd without finding the power within to chase your own path.

You will become your own mentor, able to ask the big questions that keep you focusing but finding the personal strength to make your own choices.
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Comment on Facebook

Perfect message 😊

Although this truth may make you a little uncomfortable, over time you will grow more comfortable with it. Thank you Thomas!

like your message. doing research and associating with knowledgeable people will enhance your decision making...

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