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Prepare To Get Uncomfortable

If you’re looking for sugar-coated sweet talk, you’ve come to the wrong place.  Thomas Plummer’s reputation and worldwide following is built on 3 principles:

  • Get to the heart of the issue – fast – without sentimentality or drama;
  • Speak the brutal truth of the situation;
  • Chart a step-by-step process for improvement.

These 3 principles form the core of Thomas’ work and have helped clients, large and small,  successfully navigate significant disruption, change and competition.

As a trusted advisor to fitness professionals, Thomas Plummer is without peer.  A featured presenter at 20+ workshop events each year worldwide, 10 published books and widely followed Facebook and blog posts catalog a deep understanding of what works in the fitness business, what doesn’t work and what is coming next.

Thousands of fitness professionals turn to Thomas Plummer for advice and insights about fitness trends, creating outstanding member experiences and mastering business fundamentals in sales, marketing, staffing and programming.

Nearly every fitness industry leader and innovator, past and present, has met with Thomas Plummer.  Not one to be content with past successes, Thomas continues to attract and develop club operators through the United States, Australia, Brazil, China, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the United Kingdom.

Stay current with Thomas Plummer and start running a better, more profitable business today.



woman fitness club owner


I came to learn more about marketing and sales and have learned a lot.




woman fitness club owner
I came to learn more about marketing and sales and have learned a lot.
man fitness club owner


I'm looking to grow personally and professionally




man fitness club owner
I'm looking to grow personally and professionally
man fitness club owner


Everything is changing so quickly. Instead of being disrupted, I want to be a disrupter.




man fitness club owner
Everything is changing so quickly. Instead of being disrupted, I want to be a disrupter.

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4 days ago

Thomas Plummer

Fitness and health aren’t important until you are lying in bed thinking you are going to die and then you would trade your soul to be healthy.

You can laugh and tell everyone you know that money isn’t important, and then your kid gets sick and now you desperately chase everyone you have ever met who has the cash you now need.

You never have time to do the right thing with your family, then you sit alone in the dark crying because you lost them all in your life… and spending just a few hours extra a week might have made the difference.

We need help with business, but our ego prevents us from asking the one who could change it.
We get angry over things that won’t matter to anyone a week from now, and we stay mad for years and distant ourselves from friends or family.
We get scared thinking we will lose it all, get help, and then tell the world later it was all me and I did it on my own losing the one person who cared enough to change your world.

It is easy to lose perspective in life.
We forget that lost health is a lesser life.
We want a family of love, but we won’t do the work.
We refuse to understand money, yet when our world collapses, we want it all now.

It is important to sit and think now and then and reflect on what is really important in life.
It is so easy to lose our way, chase false success and often lose everything in life worth having.

Are you working on your health every day?
Do you value and spend time with the ones you love?
Do you seek help when needed, and then value that help forever?

You can make life hard, frustrating and lonely or you can create a life of meaning.
How do you want to live is often the most important question in life?

Sometimes the best of life is always right there in front of you if only we understood what is really important…if we just changed our perspective to seek the things that define us for as long as we are alive.
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Hi everyone, if you enjoy these posts you just might love my new book.

The bottom line is it’s all up to you what you want in life , then work at it and it will happen!!!!!!👍

Wow!! That was Deep ✌️✌thanks for sharing 😊✌️🌺🇱🇷

Very true indeed 😁

So true!

These posts are so helpful Johnny B

Beautiful share!❤

This is good

Well said!



Gavin MillerGavin love this

Lindsey Wood Fisher

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7 days ago

Thomas Plummer

You suffer in life more than necessary when you don’t know what you want from your life.

If you don’t know what you want from yourself, you end up doing work and living a life you never chose.

How can you be happy when most everything in your life was simply you taking the path of least resistance?

There is only one way to happiness: you making decisions allowing you to live a life you created for yourself chasing what you want and desire.

What do you really want in life?
How do you want to live?
What kind of work will define you?
Most importantly, where are you going and how are you going to get there?

Most answers are vague, confused and absolutely no mind when anyone gets asked what they want in life.

We talk about wanting money, or to be successful, or to someday travel, but we can never sit down and define these things into realistic life choices. We talk in fuzzy terms that never lead to you doing anything that matters to you or anyone else.

Knowing what you want is power.
Chasing what you want is a life lived as well as it can be ever lived.
If you are stressed, unhappy, feeling trapped and simply miserable, you need to sit and think about what you really want and what you are doing now.

If how you are now living and working, and what you secretly really want in life don’t match, there is never, ever any chance for happiness.

Ask yourself every day, “Is this the life I chose and is this getting me to what I want to be?”

There are millions of ways to live a life, but only one that works for you… and the only person in life that has the answer to what you want is you.
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Getting it for Christmas Tom 😍

Done 👍 ✅ 💪🏻

Loving it so far!

Fantastic book !!!

1 week ago

Thomas Plummer

I believe in lost days doing nothing.

I believe that the people who scream the loudest, argue the most, and cause the most hurt, know the least about the issue they are challenging.

I believe in doing the right thing no matter what it will cost you.

I believe you should remember where you came from in life.
You will stumble, and you will fail, but forgetting who gave you a hand up is wrong.

I believe in quiet talks with people that mean the most to you in life.

I believe that it is your choice who you sleep with at night, what religion you practice, if any, and that the being color blind is the only way to go through life. I respect everyone until you proven otherwise, but then you must move on.

I believe people would rather accept lies that make them feel good, or are self-serving, than deal with the truth. Easier to accept the con than to admit you have been conned.

I believe soft music, good wine and holding hands might be the most romantic thing in life.

I believe you must have core values to ever become a real adult, and that those core values are non-negotiable.

I believe you have to fail if you want to achieve.

I believe reading quietly is a lost part of life, but could help so many people heal their souls.

I believe if you must find something in life that leaves you breathless, smiling and happy to get out of bed every day. Without passion, you might as well just lay in the dirt and be a mushroom.

I believe it is Friday, and maybe it is time for that glass of wine.
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If you like this post, you just might love my new book.

I believe in gin and unicorns. In that order

I miss holding hands,just sitting across the room talking and laughing, and going no where. Just the living room. Oh how I miss it.

I miss having a hand to hold more than anything

I agree with almost everything this fellow says.

A lot of truth in these words.

Beautiful and Brilliant,Xx thanking you,Xx

Thanks for sharing, brilliant.

Beautifully expressed! Thanks for sharing!

I believe that strength comes from the only true God . Jesus Christ my Lord. Then the rest is up to you.😊

Brilliant words thank you. Soo very true..xx

Love it

Amen Tom!

Like your post. A lot.


Very true wise man 👍

Words of truth

Love this

Soo true.

Love that post. Thank you



Some good points

Amen 💙

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1 week ago

Thomas Plummer

Every successful business owner thinks he is of the right stuff, that what he is doing now in his career and business is righteous, and that this stretch of success will last forever… and he is wrong; horribly, horribly wrong.

Imagine owning a gym business in the early 1990s. You have three different rooms for your aerobics classes, you have a 100 pieces of cardio packed every day, and you had a sea of circuit equipment and old school weights that covered thousands of square feet…and then came the modern training gym and that business model of the 1990s, which most owners believed with all their heart would never end, faded away and there is but a handful of those gyms left anywhere in the country.

Every generation of fitness owner who makes a few dollars believes he, and only he, has the magic sauce. He becomes a speaker, a young guru traveling the country and preaching to the masses about his method and might even start his own mentorship to share these secrets, at a big cost to belong, by the way.

He will speak anywhere, at any time, for little money, to prove he is right. He will put down every other business person in the industry, because for him to be right everyone else has to be wrong.

And for a while this guy is right. He does make some money and he is successful.
Then he is wrong.
His streak of outrageous success is gone, his business fades, and his magic sauce becomes poison that for some reason he just can’t make happen again. But he is stubborn, and he will fail, because he would rather be right than admit that what he believed was so right then is now so wrong.

This is why fading owners cling to old ideas in business and in coaching; they can’t imagine time has moved past what they know and everything that made them successful is no longer valid. They were so right once, how can they be so wrong now?

What you imagine is the only way to do business will fail.
What you pound others into submission to believe will crumble.
The trick is to know when to let go and move on.
Everything in business changes…except most of the owners from a generation that used to be somebody.
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If you like this post, you just might love my new book.

Nice post. I went to one of your seminars a while back and it was so refreshing to hear someone tell it like it is. Keep it up!

Been there with ya in the 90's, 00's, 10's and looking into 20's you are spot on here Thom! Success is always fleeting and you have been a guiding light for decades! Thank you for slapping us around when we need it while keeping us focused on what is relevant now and looking at what will work in time.

Great points, Thomas. Anyone that has been successful in our industry (well, probably any industry) for a good number of years, has had to admit that what they were doing at one point was not the best way or maybe completely wrong. You do have to own that you were wrong and move on. I've had huge flops through the years, learned from them, and re-envisioned them. I've also taught things that, at the time, might have been what was believed, only to be proved completely wrong. Own it! Explain to clients that new information has come to light, and change what and how you teach it. Be ego-less. Be a work in progress, always looking for a better way.

Do you have a blog post about future trends for small studios in the next decade Thomas Plummer. I loved your info on the training centric studio model.

Great post and for me I see this in martial arts business.

Every thing changes, embrace it! Cheers Thomas.

Great read👍

This is good!


Change is good

Kyle Sherriff

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