NFBA – The Business of Fitness – Long Beach, CA

Start Time

9:00 am

December 17, 2020

Finish Time

6:00 pm

December 18, 2020


Long Beach Hyatt Regency 200 S. Pine Avenue Long Beach, CA 90802

This two day workshop is about running a financially successful training-centric fitness business. It is about how the old rules of the fitness business, established by the chains of the last several decades, have failed, but most importantly, this workshop is about how to survive the major changes happening now and how to create a business that will thrive in the chaos of the industry as it exists today.

The mainstream fitness business is struggling worldwide. There are now far too many gyms fighting for the bottom of the market and over time these businesses will fail. The future belongs to the gyms, of any size, that understand how to target clients ignored by the chains and mainstream players, how to drive return-per-client-served rather than chase sheer volume and the lowest price, and that if the client gets the results he paid for, he will stay longer and pay longer.

Pricing has changed. Programming has to change to fit the client who will spend more money over time. How we market has changed, and the average gym will have a dedicated social media person working 20 hours or more per week and spending $3000-5000 per month just to bring in enough leads to feed the business. The rules of success in this industry have changed, but have you?

The gym business is in total chaos as the mainstream players struggle to understand what is coming next and how they have to change to survive, while the next generation training-centric gym model will rule the world as they attract the best clients to their businesses.

What is this workshop really about? It is about how to build a business that will generate the highest revenue possible while keeping you a decade ahead of everything that is happening in the market today. If you love this business, but aren’t making the money you want and need, then this is the one workshop you have to attend in 2019.

Sample topics that will be covered in the workshops:

What will it take to make money in this business during the next decade?
Where are we in this business, how did we get here, and where are we going in the next 10 years? Everything evolves in business, and what made you good in the past is often the same thing that prevents you from being great today.

The fitness industry is at a major turning point as the mainstream big box gyms struggle and the training-centric business model is rising at an incredible speed. Where can we go with our businesses? What will it take to be successful over time? How have the rules changed and what do you have to know to be part of the next generation of financially successful owners? What are the major trends, such as the end of team training and the rise of the middle-class gym?

The biggest mistake you make in business is not controlling the input of potential clients.
New clients feed your business, but how many does your business need to survive and be profitable? We sometimes concentrate so hard on what we do internally with our members and clients that we lose focus on the single most important thing we need to control, which is the constant flow of new potential business to our doors. This segment is about the important numbers you need to understand and manage to keep your business growing over time.

The secret to the business is creating a system offering the widest range of programs, and the widest range of price points, that brings in the widest range of clients for your business.
Are your prices and offerings right for your market? Programming, pricing and the products combined equal the ability to attract the right clients, at the right price, over time. Single methodology gyms, and single price gyms, ultimately fail, because their business plans limit the number of clients they could ever attract. Good gyms attract a wide range of qualified clients through advanced programming and pricing. Are you offering the right services and prices points for the market you serve?

Who is the client, what does he want and how do I get that person into my business?
Old school, retro marketing does not work anymore in the fitness business. Most of the tools that have been so successful in the fitness business, for so many years, such as in-your-face social media campaigns, direct mail, SEO, radio and TV ads, no longer work today. The clients that we need to support our businesses are not the same ones that support the cheap gyms, and finding and attracting this client takes an entirely new plan and skillset.

Getting it done in the gym
The best information in the world does you no good if you can’t implement in your business when you get home. This section covers the biggest mistakes we make in programming in a training-centric fitness business. The business platform you receive in this workshop is used in the most financially successful gyms in the world, but you must learn how to adapt this information to your gym, your market, and to anticipate the mistakes your team might make when you start chasing a higher level of success.

Implementing what you learn makes the difference when you get back to your business and this segment makes sure understand everything you need to run these programs in your own gym. This is carried over on the second day because this is where most owners struggle when they get back to their businesses. This second review also gives you time to get your questions answered specially for your business. Getting it done is everything in business and we make sure you have the tools you need.

The future of all gym marketing is social media
If you do not master social media, your gym will not survive going into the next five years. Do you have a dedicated social media person on your staff working 20 hours per week to do nothing but bring in enough new potential clients to feed your business? Are you spending enough on social media, and in the right places, to ensure you will end up with a financially successful gym? There is a simple, no nonsense approach to social media mastery you can learn that will drive your business for years to come, but you must learn to do this within your own business to be successful over time.

Price:  $299 in advance.   $399 at the door

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